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Can't Mess This Up

Romans 11:29 29 “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.”

Last week I spoke to you about digging up the gift(s) God has given you that have been buried out of fear, laziness, and even disbelief. I believe strongly that God is giving us all the time we need these days to do just that, to be obedient to responding to the truth that lies in His Word…. the truth that tells us He knows the plans that He has for us. Not one of us were created by God without plans, plans that He gives us free will to carry out. I’m going to raise a Hallelujah for that truth because I don’t care how much we mess up, how long we wait to surrender, our loving Lord pours out the grace we need to see in ourselves what He sweetly placed within each of us to carry out His plans.

Today my aim is to highlight the fact that even when we ‘mess up’ or even when we find ourselves burying things that God gave for us to serve Him with, that we are not powerful enough to destroy or even alter the plans of God!! As our focus verse tells us the gifts of God are irrevocable. The amplified bible expounds on the verse by stating, “for He does not withdraw what He has given, nor does He change His mind about those to whom He gives His grace or to whom He sends His call”.

If you know the story of Moses and how God used him to deliver the Children of Israel out from the grips of Pharaoh, you know this assignment came as a surprise to Moses who had years before murdered a man and buried him in the sand. Put yourself in his shoes and I am sure you would flee like he did and find it hard to believe that killing someone would not cause God to rethink those Jeremiah 29:11 plans. But it didn’t for Moses and our mistakes won’t cancel God’s plans for us either. Like God did for Moses, if He has to cause a bush to be caught ablaze and not burn up to get our attention, He will. That should encourage you to know that you can’t mess up God’s plans for your life. Have holy confidence that God is as good as your car’s navigation system. You will never hear your GPS call you stupid for making a wrong turn or sign off when you don’t go where it directs. But like the GPS, God will reroute you and I if we go off course, He can turn us around or direct our life from our wrong turns.

Be encouraged today to walk in HIs great grace without focusing on your mis-steps knowing that you can’t mess this up!! I pray that it not only helps you get through your Monday but inspires you to go after His will without the burdens of your past.

Let’s Pray

Father, help me in moments when I over-estimate the effects of my mistakes. Thank you for the truth of your word that clearly tells me that your gifts can’t be taken back. I am grateful to you for your sovereign hand and love that surrounds me continually. Amen