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Arc of Life

Ecclesiastes 3: 1 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”

For months, we watched the nesting process as a mother bird used one of the pillars of our porch as her nesting site. We saw firsthand all of the noticeable work that this process entails which started with the mother bird diligently building the nest. Apparently our porch was a suitable spot, a place with reliable food, structure, and protection from predators. Once the nest was built, we later saw the hard working mother bird hold her position in the time known as incubation necessary for maintaining proper temperature for normal development of the baby bird. This went on for weeks where this mother bird did not move and we would often ask each other how in the world was she able to attend to her own needs. After weeks and weeks of this relentless dedication to her nestling, we could see that it had hatched and it’s little head was now visible to us. We watched this bird grow until that space was no longer suitable for the both of them and then they were gone. It is said that when they leave the nest, the young bird stays close to the mother bird for a short period of time learning how to survive on its own, a very vulnerable time where predators or starvation could hinder the young bird from reaching adulthood.

To me, God positions nature to be a teacher if only we’d be good students and learn. He allowed my family to be a captivated audience of this natural occurrence in the months leading up to our baby boy leaving home to begin the next chapter of his life as a college freshman. As the time came for him to move in, there was deep sadness and I could see the arc of life that our focus verse illustrates,” there is a time for EVERYTHING, a season for every activity under the sun”, these activities of life include times of joy as well as times of weeping. When a mother has the chance to give birth and hold her baby, that is a high point for that mom because a child is a special gift from God. Their dependence on you to help them grow and develop properly for the day they will leave the nest and fly towards adulthood symbolizes how the arc of life peaks. When that day came for me recently, I had to reach for the hand of God to pull me up from a place of indifference and He ministered to me from our focus text that every good story has an arc, our lives have an arc.

As His children, we must learn to take the good and the not so good knowing that God, who is compassionate, gracious, and faithful, ordains the routine events of our lives. As we acknowledge this, there is a peace that we have access to that allows us to accept all seasons of life. My son is now flying on his own and I can trust God to take care of Him as the arc of my life gains definition and his begins. I know that you too will be able to look at the landscape of your life and there will be peace in knowing that every activity of your life has its proper time as ordained by God and you can enjoy each moment as it takes shape because our God is in control.

Let’s Pray

Father, we embrace the days of our lives as a part of your master plan. We vow to resist the urges to fight against the way our life is shaped when we encounter highs and lows. As your children, we will remain hopeful because you remain faithful. Amen

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