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A Position Change

Once when they had finished eating and drinking in Shiloh, Hannah STOOD UP. (1 Samuel 1:9)

I have three wonderful kids, whom all love to play the game of basketball. As their dad, I try my best to be involved with their passion for the game. As I've watched them play over the years I've tried to give them pointers to help them be successful. One of my kids has a bad habit of sitting at the end of the bench when not in the game. When I noticed this, my instructions to him was, "change your position.... try and sit closer to the coach." Often times in the coarse of a game, if your're 'Out of Sight... your're Out of MIND'. In other words, the only difference between sitting or playing in the game, may just be your position on the bench.

Our Verse:

At this point, Hannah's rival had irritated her to the point of no sane return... she would not be satisfied again until she had God's undivided attention. The scriptures tell us that year after year, she endured her rival twisting the thorn of barrenness into her flesh, but this year something would be different. Hannah broke her life-buffering cycle with a position change! In the midst of her anguish she STOOD UP before the priest gaining his attention as she poured out her soul to God!

Life Application:

What is your current position? Do you have God's attention? One sure way to get God's attention is to go after Him with a passion for purpose. You display a passion for purpose as you begin to take God's vision for your life serious. Understand this; You'll never play for God, as long as NORMAL is acceptable.

Many Christians are just going through the motions of life. Kind of blending in with everyone else accepting spiritual fruitlessness as NORMAL. Yet saying, "I want to walk in God's will for my life". But do we really? How long can we claim to want to get into the game God is coaching but continue to sit blending in with everyone else at the end of the bench? God is looking for players who will change their position!

Think of it this way. When people want to lose weight, they diet.... that's a change in position. When someone wants to add muscle mass, they get up off the couch and join a gym... that's a change in position. So you want the life God envisioned for you.... you want to walk in your destiny? Then you too must CHANGE YOUR POSITION. Its time to passionately chase God like never before! This means no more of the 'patty-cake' church life. Change your prayer life position, change your worship position, change your Bible study position! The more you give of yourself to God, the closer He draws you! The closer you are to your life-coach (God) the better chance you have of getting into the game! And trust me, you want to be in the game.....! All of the action is in the GAME!

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