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Destiny Traps.

Her husband Elkanah would say to her, “Hannah, why are you weeping? Why don’t you eat? Why are you downhearted? Don’t I mean more to you than ten sons?” (I Samuel 1:8)

When I was about nineteen years old, I landed a job selling pre-owned cars at a local dealership. It was one of the most exciting jobs I've ever had. I was straight out of high school, a freshman in college and I was making about one thousand dollars a week!!!! That's right.... thousand with a "T"!!! Can you imagine..... nineteen, rent free, no family and in college, making a "G" a week in the 90's? I was living the dream, or so I thought.

One day I was doing the math, and the amount of cars I was selling was not adding up to the amount of money I was making. So I asked one of the owners of the dealership about it. When questioned, he said to me, "Lacie... you make almost a grand a week, how much more does a college student need to make?" My response to him was simply... " I want what belongs to me!" Sure the money I was making was great for a kid in college, but when I found out the TRUTH, I was greatly disturbed!

What about you? How would you feel if you were being short-changed? The TRUTH is many of us are being short-changed everyday. We have settled for the rewards of life, instead of the treasures that come within the will of God.

In our verse today, Elkanah questions Hannah's contentment. He does not understand how someone who has been given so much, could not be satisfied. In his mind, he has given her the world. This is how our enemy, Satan operates. He tries to detour what God has for us, by causing us to become satisfied with all this world has to offer.

Life Application:

Beware of "DESTINY TRAPS". Don't be short-changed by the temptations of Satan. There is nothing like being in the will of God. Money, positions, titles, fame, relationships etc., all become destiny traps if they are not gained in the will of God. Regardless of what is being offered or given, we should all refuse to be satisfied until we receive what our God-Destiny has to offer!

Read the word of God. It is loaded with personal promises from God to you. Many of which can only be realized in route to, or at the point of DESTINY! Again, read the Word and see the promises of God. Then, compare them (do the math) to your life. If things are not adding up, seek God for direction. He has "THE" plan for your life that will lead you to where you need to be. There... you will find true SATISFACTION. There.... you will find WHOLENESS!